When my kids were young… // 1 Chronicles 16:11

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.

When my kids were young, they loved to play hide and seek. My youngest son, however, was never really good at it. As much as he enjoyed the game, his real delight came from being found. He simply could not stand it when I pretended like I couldn’t find him. As I searched throughout the house, in an exaggeratedly unsuccessful effort to seek him, he would inevitably call out, from his hiding place, “Dad, I’m over here.” Then, when I got close to where he was, he would begin to giggle uncontrollably before finally jumping out and saying, “Here I am!” He made it easy to find him because he desperately wanted to be found.

That’s the way it is with the Lord. We are frequently admonished in scripture to seek him when, in truth, he’s never really hard to find. In fact, he wants to be found. The Bible goes so far as to promise: if you seek him, you will find him (Deut 4:29). Even though the Lord is never far from us and can be found at any time or in any place, the Psalmist still encourages us to “seek his face continually” (1 Chr 16:11). This is more than just an encouragement to seek the Lord in times of trouble. This is an invitation to a relationship with God.

To seek God’s face is to seek his presence, the continual abiding fellowship of God. This is what the priest means when he prays over the children of Israel saying, “The Lord make his face to shine upon thee” (Num 6:25). Where the face of the Lord shines, his presence is made manifest and his favor is conveyed. Through the invocation of the priestly blessing, the people were invited to live each day in the presence of the Lord. We have that same invitation. We can live our lives in fellowship with him. To that end we are called to seek his face continually.

Let me encourage you, today, if you don’t already have a regular, appointed time of prayer, establish one. Be purposeful in your effort to seek his face. When you make his presence your priority, he will make his face to shine upon you and you will discover the delight of the abiding presence of the Lord.

Tony McCall
District Coordinator
Arkansas Network of Prayer